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Our technology unlocks legal resources that used to require huge libraries and armies of staff. We combine our new tools with commonsense fee agreements to ensure we’re the right fit for you.

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We can help you protect your brand, your ideas, and the business you have built. And if a legal dispute arises, we are there to defend you in and out of court. We aggressively litigate for our clients in trial and on appeal.

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After working in the legal field for a while, we noticed a few things. Folks don’t want billable hours, they want a finished project. They want to call their attorney and talk about their case. And clients want to know that, in rocky times, they have lawyers willing to battle as hard to defend them as they would.

Your business may have 10,000 employees, or maybe it’s just you. Either way, when it’s your business, it’s your life. You’re working hard to build something, and we’d love to help you protect you.

Wieland Perdue is a proud Wevorce provider. Learn more about this revolutionary amicable divorce process.

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